Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition’ announced for March

A bumper edition of 2016’s open-world adventure Final Fantasy XV will arrive on console as the game debuts on PC. First released in November 2016, Final Fantasy XV was the fruit of a ten-year development cycle.

Its quartet of black-clad, boy band-esque heroes roamed the world of Eos, diverted from a royal wedding when a powerful crystal is stolen from their country and its king, one of the friends’ fathers, is assassinated.

As the story progressed, the open-world game funnelled players towards a decisive face-off against its devious antagonist.

Each of the first three focused on a different one of the main character’s best pals, while the fourth took in a new cohort and provided opportunity for some multiplayer adventuring.

All such season-pass content is included in the upcoming Royal Edition, as well as an all-new dungeon, a first-person mode for what is otherwise a third-person perspective game, a controllable boat, and over a dozen pieces of additional weapons, vehicle liveries, and item sets.

The Royal Edition is due to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One alongside the Windows Edition on March 6, 2018.

The extras will also be available separately as a Final Fantasy Royal Pack, which publisher Square Enix is pricing at US$19.99 (RM79) instead of the Royal Edition’s US$49.99 (RM198).

As for the Windows Edition, it’s to include the Royal Edition’s Season Pass content and extras, plus support for 4K and 8K resolutions with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos sound, as well as community mods; PC players will need over 100GB of hard disk space as well as a fairly hefty setup in order to meet recommended specifications.



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